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Packages & Pricing


Peace of Mind (5 minutes)- 8 weeks to Term

$26.00 ($41.00 Twins)

8 Weeks to term. This is a 2D scan and is for any time during your pregnancy to check the fetal heart rate. This scan is for moms who have confirmed pregnancy by ultrasound at their doctor's office.  We only perform abdominal ultrasounds. This scan does not include measurements or 3D4D. If measurements or 3D4D are needed, take a look at the Quick Peek Package. The Peace of Mind scan includes one thermal printed fetal heart rate image and one thermal printed image of (each) baby. Heart rate may be obtained differently depending upon gestational age. Baby must be in second trimester to hear the heartbeat. Profile image not guaranteed due to baby position.

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SneakPeak DNA Gender Test


SneakPeek Clinical allows you to find out baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks! We offer two different test options.  The test can be done via Snap Kit arm device or by an onsite phlebotomist.  The Snap Test/arm kit does a subcutaneous blood draw through a small device positioned on the upper arm.  It is relatively painless! We have a sanitized room where the arm kit test is performed to keep the risk of male DNA contamination down.  So, no BOYS allowed in the DNA room. :) Phlebotomy blood draws are done monthly where a phlebotomist draws a small blood sample.  We package and send off the blood samples and send them to the SneakPeek lab where you will receive your results by text or email! Lab results are ready within 3-4 business days and as early as next day. For next day results, see the Fast Track Results package! Book online for SnapKits below.  Call to schedule for phlebotomy draws.

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SneakPeek DNA Gender Test Fast Track Results


This is the same gender blood test that you read about above, but you will get your results sooner! The blood sample is taken and sent to the sneak-peek lab via FedEx Overnight. Lab results are ready same day that sample arrives to the lab! **Please note, if you would like fast-track results, be sure to schedule M-F before 3:00pm.  The mail typically runs at 4:00 and if FedEx has already run, the results will not be sent out until the next day.**


SneakPeek DNA Gender Test & Peace of Mind Combo


Schedule your SneakPeek blood test and get to see the baby by ultrasound in the same day with the Peace of Mind Scan package. Free Fast Track Results are included. Results are sent the same day that they arrive to the lab. 


Gender Scan (10-15 minutes)- 14 weeks gestational age and Up

14 Weeks $76.00 (Twins $91)

13 Weeks $106 (Twins $126)

This scan includes gender confirmation/determination, fetal heartbeat, and quick peek in 3D/4D/HD Live IF baby allows.  7 black and white prints. **Free return visit if baby does not cooperate.** 


Quick Peek (8 minutes)- 8 weeks to Term


This scan is for a quick look at the baby anytime during pregnancy (8 weeks-term). Can include: baby measurements for gestational age/weight guesstimate, fetal heart rate, cute 2d baby pics.   A quick peek in 3D/4D/HD live will be performed IF baby allows. This scan does NOT include gender determination. All is dependent upon baby’s position and cooperation. (Face pictures are not guaranteed due to baby position and/or gestational age). 5 Black and White Prints included. *No free returns if baby does not cooperate within allowed time.*


3D/4D Peek (20 minutes)- 24 weeks gestational age and up.


Can be done as early as 24 weeks.
This scan includes 3D/4D and HD Live imaging of baby and heart rate. Up to 8 black and white prints. 1 Color Print. Weight Guesstimate not included. Package not available for twins.


3D/4D Grand Scan (35 minutes) 27 weeks gestational age and up.

$176.00 (Twins $201)

This scan includes 3D/4D and HD Live imaging of baby, heart rate, weight guesstimate. Up to 12 Black and white thermal prints and 3 color prints. Oh Baby Prenatal Imaging USB drive included for copies of all images and clips of baby. Best time frame for 3D/4D imaging is between 28-32 weeks...if you know you have an anterior placenta, 27-28 weeks is best.  We do not need a full bladder but you do need to be HYDRATED. Please drink lots of water about a week in advanced to prep for this scan. For twins, we recommend coming sooner around 25-27 weeks. **Starting May 1st, 2023, all Grand Scan customers will receive one 20% off voucher for our boutique.**


Can’t Get Enough Scan (Three 25 minute scans) 24 weeks gestational age and up. Includes Heartbeat Bear! **BEST VALUE**

$251.00 (Twins $326)

This package includes three separate 3D/4D/HD Live appointments at any time during your pregnancy after 24 weeks gestational age. *Recommend 24, 28, 32 weeks, or if space allows 28, 32 and 34+ weeks. Digital images and video clips included. Up to 8 black and white thermal prints each visit and 1 color print each visit. Oh Baby USB drive included for copies of all images and clips. Also includes Heartbeat Bear!! Best package value!

Muestra Lacey Singley 8K .png

8K Enhancements

$30 Per Image

8K is not an actual ultrasound service. 8K is an outside company that enhances your 3D/4D images to give the baby a life-like appearance.  This is an optional add-on to your 3D/4D ultrasound.  Let us know if you would like to see your baby in 8K! We send your best 3D/4D image in and you'll get the enhanced version back within a week.

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Add on’s Price plus tax:

Heartbeat Animal- $39.99
Oh Baby USB drive- $10
Additional Black and White Thermal prints- $2 each
Additional Color prints- $5
Gift Certificates available

To schedule an appointment or for more information on packages, please contact the office at 251-378-5301

**Packages and Pricing are subject to change at any time without notice**

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