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How to get the best images?

The best advice for any scan is to make sure you are very well hydrated.  Drink plenty fluids (water) before your exam. (Not just the day of the exam but several days before your scan-just stay hydrated) Ultrasound images are best when an adequate amount of amniotic fluid is present.  Dehydration can cause a decrease in amniotic fluid. 
Image quality = Good Amount of Amniotic Fluid

What decreases image quality?

There are many factors into getting the best images possible.  A decrease in amniotic fluid will lessen the clarity of the exam.  Also, increased distance from the ultrasound probe to the baby will decrease clarity of the image.  For example, if the baby is positioned deep in the mother's abdomen or if there is an increase in maternal tissue, this could be a reason for the image to not be as clear as others.  The position of the baby is also key and as we know, they do not always want to cooperate.  If the baby is face down or if the face is touching the placenta, we may not be able to get the best images.  We will do our best to position you from your left and right sides to try to allow the baby to shift position.  Sometimes moms may have to walk around or drink a sugary drink.  We will do everything possible to get a face picture of your baby. Sometimes it is necessary to reschedule the exam.  Some of our packages include a free return visit.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D & HD live ultrasounds?

2D images are your classic ultrasound images that are black and white and produce profile images of the baby.

3D/4D/HD Live images all produce a 3D image of your baby.  The difference between 3D and 4D is the ability to see the baby live.  3D is a still image of the baby where as 4D is a 3D view of your baby live, while they move around and make cute faces.  

HD Live is the newest technology that gives the baby a smooth skin-like tone. Traditional 3D/4D images have a gold tone and HD live images can be set to have a skin appearance.   

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