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About the Owner

Lacey Singley

My name is Lacey Singley.  I was raised in Coden, AL and currently reside with my husband Blake, in Satsuma, AL.  I have been a registered diagnostic medical sonographer with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) since 2009.  In 2008, I attended our local sonography school, the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics in Spanish Fort, AL.  I quickly became registered in Abdomen as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology.  I have taught for years in the clinical and didactic setting as well as served as the Clinical Director at the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics.  I am proud to have students and classmates all over the United States.  

My latest position was a diagnostic OB/GYN sonographer at a local hospital in Mobile, AL.  I have a great passion for my job and love the diagnostic side of it but, in the past two years during Covid, my views on OB sonography have completely changed.  Working in the hospital during Covid was terrible.  Many restrictions were put on families.  Mothers came to their ultrasounds alone, and many in tears.  For some it was their first baby and for others maybe their last.  Some parents wanted their baby’s siblings to be able to share in the fun.  We went from having a room full of family to experience these memorable times, to no one.  During these times, I noticed how great of a need it was for these families to be able to bond and share the experience of a new life with their loved ones. 

Although sonography is a huge part of my life, I am a mother first.  My husband Blake and I have three little girls at home, Willa, Vanna and Vivi.  Just like most sonographers, with all three of my pregnancies I have been blessed to have unlimited access to an ultrasound machine.  Anytime I felt something crazy or just wanted a little peace of mind, I would take a peek at my babies.  There is no feeling like the relief you get when you can actually lay your eyes on your baby and know they are doing okay.  I pray that I am able to provide that same relief to all moms in our area.  I am so excited to provide this service and cannot wait to scan some babies.  

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