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Can't wait for your Gender Ultrasound?  Find out Early with SneakPeek Gender DNA!

We do gender ultrasounds as early as 13 weeks.  If you want to know sooner, look below!

Boy or Girl? Find out with SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test!

-  Starting at ***6 weeks into pregnancy

-  99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test

-  Test is performed with a SneakPeek Clinical Snap Kit 

-  Results emailed straight to you or your gender keeper in 1-2 days* subject to change based off shipping times

-***Test can be performed as early as 6 weeks but you will need to have confirmed you are at least 6 weeks pregnant by ultrasound for test accuracy. Good rule of thumb, if you can see a baby with a heartbeat on ultrasound, you are far enough for this DNA blood test. Without an ultrasound, you cannot be sure your are far enough along for the test. We do not do pregnancy confirmation scans-this must be done at your doctor.

-  *****All Bloodwork will be over-nighted to the lab. If you would like your test results as early as the next evening, you will need to schedule before 2:00PM so that we can get it to FedEx in time for shipping.

- Results will arrive by email (to you or your gender keeper) between 6:00pm-11:00pm

- Please keep in mind that mail delays DO occur and we cannot control that. If there is a mail delay you will get your results the same evening that the sample arrives to the lab. 

Learn more:

Does it come with an Ultrasound?

You may add an ultrasound at the time of your bloodwork for an additional $25! (Ultrasound must be done on the day of the bloodwork for the discounted price)

$150 + 25= $175 (See Packages & Pricing for more details.)

When we do your gender blood work here, we will also discount your Gender Confirmation scan as early as 13 weeks for $50!!  Please remember to tell us at checkout!

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Yes, we can do SneakPeek Snap tests any day of the week however, Saturday appointments will be delayed and cannot be sent out until the following Monday. You can schedule your snap test, through our online scheduling app, Vagaro.  Check out our Packages and Pricing page for a direct link!  We have had great results with this test!!

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